EDGE OF WRONG 2008 Norway

8. - 10. May, Oslo

Lineup and venues:

8. May @ Podium:
Kim Johannesen (NO), MMOS (NO), Tonny Kluften (NO), Bror (NO), Guro & Hanne (NO), The White Tiger Prepade (NO).

9. May @ Podium:
Bror (NO), EIKO (CH), Snorre & Co (NO), eLevator (NO), Next Life (NO), Simona Barbera (IT), Stabwound Empire (NO).

10. May @ Podium:
Jonas Sjøvaag (NO), Ivar Grydeland (NO), Mark Fransman (SA), Beneva VS. Clark Nova (NO), Svarte Greiner+Elegi (NO), Her Ethic (NO), Sten Ove Toft (NO)


Guro Skumsnes Moe og Hanne Rekdal.

Some say Hanne and Guro looks almost identical. In other words, they look alike. They play instruments that dont look alike. But they play music that sound alike. And different music is created each time they play. Maybe unique.



A familiar face on Oslos improv-scene, especially known from the bands Huntsville and No Spaghetti Edition with which he has released a number of albums.

He does not care about how others say the bass is supposed to be played, and has a noticeable personal style and a brave and direct connection with his instrument.



I am a Norwegian musician based in Oslo. I play electric and acoustic guitars in different constellations and I also like to fool around with e-bows, fans, bows and such to have a broad specter of sounds to work with.
I am mainly working in the field of improvised music as a way of making music, not a genre. I am currently a student at the jazzdepartment at the State Academy of Music in Oslo, and I am now studying under the supervision of the great Norwegian guitarist/improviser and co-founder of the label SOFA, Ivar Grydeland.



Acoustic, quiet and surprising, consisting of Stian Omenås (trumpet), Øyvind Skarbø (drums), Jo Berger Myhre (bass) og Morten Minothi Kristiansen (guitar).

Melodies, abstract textures and rythms blends in reliable harmony. From odd corners of southern Norway they met to play on Øyvinds initiative after incidentally having played first time together on a miniature livingroom improv festival by the name “Supersurprise” last year.