20. - 22. September

DIVERSEdiverse is on the Edge Of Wrong

The annual cross continental festival of exploratory art, Edge Of Wrong, is collaborationg with the group exhibition DIVERSEdiverse as a way to present a wider art scene in the same space at the same time. Workshops, concerts, video art, paintings, drawings, installations etc etc… It will go down in Kristiansand, Norway in Ekserserhuset in Posebyen. Its open every day from 12.00 until 00.00. The live program starts 19.00 every night and is 100,- pr night. Bar open from 18.00 – 00.00

this site i continously updated… stay tuned for more artists and news.

Rolf-Erik Nystroem (NO)

Performing with solo and with Carlo Mombelli.
Rolf Erik Nystrøm (NO) A Norwegian saxophonist (1975), performs in various constellations around the whole globe, has had over 100 works written for him by contemporary composers. He has performed as a soloist with orchestras too numerous to mention. His focus on “weird music” stems from his carelessness in what he likes to do; an immense study of both alternative techniques on his instrument and of traditional musical genres from around the world. He performed on the last Edge Of Wrong festival in Cape Town, February this year. The positive, including and intuitive person he is he made a strong impression on both humans and animals (see videos above).



Carlo Mombelli (SA)

Performing solo and with Rolf-Erik Nystrøm
South African bassist/composer Carlo Mombelli started his professional playing career developing and performing his original compositions at weekly gigs in downtown Johannesburg clubs like Jameson’s and Kippies, as well as a weekly midnight solo bass set at the Black Sun in Berea. Carlo has since recorded and performed at many festivals around the world, including the Rome International Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival, the Stockholm Jazz Festival, the Moers and the ‘Leipziger Jazztage’ festivals in Germany, as well as the Paris Banlieues Bleues festival, with amongst others, Egberto Gismonti, Lee Konitz, Mick Goodrick, Charlie Mariano, and the ‘Ethel String Quartet’.
Back home he can be heard as a bassist on many South African recordings with amongst others, Tony Cox, Johnny Fourie, Tlale Makhene, Zim Ngqawana, Marcus Wyatt, Simphiwe Dana, Sibongile Khumalo and Miriam Makeba. Besides the many ballets that have been choreographed to his music, he has also recorded several CD’s and DVD’s of his own works and has been nominated three times for a SAMA (South African Music Awards).


Vertex feat. Axel Dørner and Andrea Neuman (NO & DE)

Vertex is a norwegian duo that spontaneously compose electroacoustic music that is both immediate and enticing to listen to. From lowercase drones through beautiful melodic passages to assaulting industrial walls of sound, Vertex creates a plausible yet otherwordly soundscape with it’s own set of natural laws. A universe that focuses in on form and interaction.

On this particular gig thay have invited Axel Dørner (trumpeter) and Andrea Neuman (pianist) from Germany. See links for more information.




James Webb (SA)

In 2011 he made contact with the late Orson Welles (via a psychic, and later presented in my work Telephone Voice) to speak with him about a range of topics. One of the things he said to James was that he should try film. He did not elaborate. With this in mind, Telepylos is an ongoing work of sonic science fiction inspired by cinematic mythology and mythological cinema. //// James has participated in numerous international exhibitions and events including the 3rd Marrakech Biennale, the 2008 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the 2009 Melbourne International Arts Festival and the 9th Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon. He has collaborated with composers such as Halim el-Dabh, Francisco López and Brandon LaBelle, and his work has been released on the Room40 and Störung record labels. Webb is the subject of a survey exhibition at the Johannesburg Art Gallery in 2012.


Josh Ginsburg (SA)

is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. His work involves the day-to-day collection and creation of digital fragments (still image, film, sound and text), the arrangement of these fragments in complex dynamic digital archives, and the performance of the archives in improvised audiovisual montages. Interested in the architecture of his memory, the tours are conceived as navigations through a labyrinth of thoughts: a visual articulation of a streaming consciousness. The tours are performed using both open source and custom-built software and form part of a broader project framed as Performance Cinema. On The Edge of Wrong provides an opportunity to experiment with a particular aspect of the project, namely the use of ambient audio fragments – extracted from cellphone or digital SLR video clips in the principle archive – as nodes for an audiovisual composition. The title of the performance will be provided closer to the festival.

"Scotomata" Undersentralen feat. Mari Kvien Brunvoll (NO)

Undersentralen is a videoartist duo consisting of Kjersti Sundland & Anne Bang-Steinsvik. On this occation they present a collaboration with singer/electronic musician Mari Kvien Brunvol.

Their 3rd production is called “Scotomata” and is a Greek word for dark as well as being a part of our eyes field of sight that is partially or totally blind. We would normally call this a blindzone. The startingpoint for this production is an audiovisual documentation of a concert Mari Kvien Brunvoll did outside a cold and wet winternight in Bergen 2012. Three cameras were placed at the same angle as three spotlights that changed light according to the frequencies Mari produced. Their performance at Edge Of Wrong will be an improvisation where they resample that particular footage.

Undersentralen has previously presented their productions at Netmage live Media festival, Bologna, UKS, Oslo, Black Cube, Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst and Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall. Their use of resampling, manipulation of speed and repetition they explore how memories are stored, changed and braided into new narratives. Mari Kvien Brunvoll has been performing solo the last six years accumulating in her first release on Jazzland Records later this year. She also work with performance and installation.



I sing my body electric (NO)

The Kristiansand based band “I sing my body electric” with its everchanging lineup and aesthetics concists per today of Terje Dragseth, John Nikolaisen and Mørtel & Metafysikk. The bands current musical transformation lends itself to drones/noise and in nature very loud! …A heads up those who expect their ears to be smeared with lyrical poetry, thats not going to happen this time.


Splittet Kjerne (NO)

Splittet kjerne translates to Split Core and has become a popular hub for writers at Hovseter in Oslo. Founder Mikkel Øyen splits the litterary atom by fusing different elements with each other. A rare litterary gallery where established authors and writers you dont yet know you should keep an open eye for hang out. Some of the writers that will be presented are: Ørjan Amundsen, Ørjan Moen, Ingrid Bragdø, Terje Dragseth, Atle Håland and Mikkel Øyen himself.

Johnny Kahlua (NO)

Johnny Kahlua is a very productive singer/songwriter based in Kristiansand with three albums behind him and a fourth one in the making. All his albums have receives great reviews. You can catch him Friday 21. September perfom voulnerable ballads accompanied by his bluesy guitar in the opld gym hall in Ekserserhuset. Your odds are high for a great show if you happen to like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Ronnie Hawkins and Randy Newman as his music is often compared to them.




Stephan Meidell "Museum II" (NO)

“Museum II” is a piece written for guitar and electronics by guitarist Stephan Meidell. He is from Kristiansand, but has established himself as one of Bergens most productive experimental musicians. As well as being a curator and a music journalist he has released albums and toured with The Sweetest Thrill, Cakewalk, Krachmacher and Vanilla Riot. Museum II explores the guitars possibilities against electronics and in relation to the acoustics of the specific room it is being performed. Innovative sound sculpting based on melodic noise, improvisation and intens sonic exploration. The work is commissioned by Ny Musikk Kristiansand.


Vanilla Riot + Jon S. Lunde (NO & Sl)

Vanilla Riot has since its start in 2007 burried itself deep in noise. With their 3rd release, “Stretch” (Playdate Records) – co produced and mixed by Jazkamers John Hegre, they prove a mighty explosion of improvisatory art with roots in Bergen, Amsterdam and Ljubljana. Brutal sound collages meets electrically laden silence in a mosaic of electronica, contemporary music, jazz and noiserock.
They visit Edge Of Wrong on their release tour, also playing in Bergen Kunsthall and the festival Nu Music in Stavanger. They will perform together with Kristiansand based Jon S. Lunde.

Stephan Meidell – bass/gitar/elektronikk
Bostjan Simon – klarinett/sax/elektronikk



Thursday 20. Sep


20.00 Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (NO) & Carlo Mombelli (SA)

21.00 Conversation on the edge of wrong

21.30 I sing my body electric (NO)

22.30 Undersentralen + Mari Kvien Brunvoll (NO)

The bar is open every day from 18.00 – 00.00

concert starts 20.00
Friday 21. Sep


19.30 Conversation on the edge of wrong

20.00 Carlo Mombelli (SA) + Explorers Summit (NO)

21.00 Josh Ginsburg (SA)

22.00 Vanilla Riot (NO)

23.00 Johnny Kahlua (NO)

The bar is open every day from 18.00 – 00.00

concert starts 19.30
Saturday 22. Sep


20.00 Stephan Meidell “Museum II” (NO)

21.00 Vertex (NO) + Axel Dörner & Andrea Neuman (DE)

22.00 Splittet Kjerne (NO) + Conversation on the edge of wrong

22.30 James Webb (SA)

The bar is open every day from 18.00 – 00.00

concert starts 20.00
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